Here are a few of the RAWR creatures that have been adopted recently. I've created creatures with wings, moustaches, tutus, horns, capes, fishing poles, you name it!

Sometimes I have requests for themed monsters, which have included everything from zombies, hockey coaches and tornados to Twilight inspired, dinosaurs, and pickle monsters.

I have so many ideas for new designs that I'm hoping to launch this year. Custom orders have been consuming most of my time, but it seems I'm so close to completing the list! I'm extremely excited and can't wait to get started on my new ideas.

This is an Eep. A much smaller creature. They usually stand roughly 3" tall.

A lot of times creatures go to new babies as keepsake presents. This was for a baby girl from her Military parents.

This was a creature for a good friend of mine based off his self portrait he designed.

I love designing with lots of textures, everything from wood to wool.

I've done many creature ballerinas, in lots of different colour tutus.


Owls are my favourite, but are a little more time consuming.

This guy was adopted and his name is now Vincent. He's even been to Stonehenge!

Sometimes I'll have requests in pairs, usually for siblings :)

I like to try to tie together the colours and patterns, while still keeping them slightly different.


Sabrina said...

Hey! Welcome to the blogosphere! Your monsters are really cool - my favourites are the one with the moustache and the very last one with the blue stripes. Looking forward to reading more here!
~ Sabrina ~

RAWR said...

Hi Sabrina :) thank you for the welcome!
I'm really excited to finally have a place to keep all things creature :) i have so many ideas and can't wait to get them out there!

nikitaland said...

I absolutely love your creatures a great deal and even added your blog button to my blog. Check out my blog when you get the chance at I have made a few sock bunnies, but yours are awesome!

Charlotte Blakey said...

Def the best monsters I have seen. Looking to make some as gifts. Inspiring!

Carmen María said...

Amazing! Congratulations.
Hugs, Carmen María

Jacquie H. said...

I love your monsters....I am trying to make one for myself....can you please show me how you get the head like it is....and the legs, are they sewn on, or do you put a seem their to make them easy to sit up? I promise I won't use this info except for personal use....I just can't afford to buy one of your monsters....:) thank you....

Arcayan said...

Jacquie H. I'm trying to make the Eep one. I think the face is the part of the sock at the like elbow bit. I cut the top of the sock in half and sewed them up to make the ears. I hope that helps, it's just the way I'm working on it so yeah...

Cindi said...

Hi Sabrina, i love the creativity of your creatures. can you tell me the price of the owl you made, not Vincent, on your page.