Hi! My name is Jayme and I’m the owner of RAWR Creatures. I’ve been making art for most of my life and began creating monsters about 6 years ago. 

By day I’m a graphic designer at an advertising agency, and in my spare time I create and hand sew as many sock Creatures as I possibly can. 

I am known to have ‘maybe’ more than a couple of collections ;) Owls, cameras, vinyl toys, vinyl albums and the ever growing Micro Machine collection which lives in a letterpress tray are to name a few.

I love finding odds and ends, bits and baubles and little treasures to use in my Creature making – this helps to make each RAWR Creature unique and special. This way all the pieces have a story :)

I love getting to know other crafty types and artists from around the world, so if you stop by, please leave me a message so I can say hi back :)


Nicole said...

Hi Jayme! Just wanted to stop by to say that I love your little creatures....do you think you could create a special FanPlastic creature? I love to support local, and meeting, trading with, and admiring talented artisans! Your site is fantastic too. Cheers!

RAWR said...

Hi Nicole! :)
I just saw your message now! oh my gosh i'm so sorry.
I will be in touch this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

your monsters are, like, the cutest things ever !!! I could see this becoming a trend at my school ;)

Anonymous said...

P.S. i was wondering if you make custom orders, thanks. SO CUTE!!!!!!

RAWR said...

Hi!!! and thanks so much :) teehee <3

I do make custom orders, I've sewn all kinds of special requests from zombies to siamese fighting fish :)

take a peek on my fb page if you'd like to see some more pics of my guys :


MySoreSoul said...

HiJayne having worked many years as a freelance photographer and graphic designer ill health has pushed me to give up and bordem has taken me back to the crafts which I used to do in my spare time. Sock creature I have made before and did it with the kids when I run craft classes in one of the local primary school. I have just opened my own shop selling bits and bobs so soon as I stopped running backwards and forwards for hospital appointments I hope I can move forward. I wish you all the best with your venture and hope it works out well for you. Google Bertie Girl she is a neighbour her work now sells world wide.

Take care


Debbie said...

Hi Jayme,

Love the site, I was wondering if you would let me put your sock teddy tutorial on my site, with a credit to you and a link to your Etsy store?

I'm a stay at home mum or 2 and a lover of plush toys (hence the site) and I really love your creations.

My sites: http://plushtoybox.com

Please let me know if its ok to post about you and your tutorial.



Jacquie H. said...

Love your creatures....I want the little bat? Are you going to make any more...I would do just about anything to adopt one...or could you put up a tutorial for them? Are they made out of a sock....it looks like a rather heavy knitted material....or did you knit the body? I would love to know this....thanks so much.

Franziska Dilefeld said...


I love the idea of your sock teddy bear! We're having a project at our university, where it is our task to be a potential founder for a week.
Our theme this year is fabric.
We'd like to use your idea for creating stuffed animals for a childrens shelter.
Would it be okay if we use it and perhaps your fotos to promote our idea?
It would be a pleasure.

Greetings from Germany