Thursday, March 6, 2014


The smallest of RAWR Creatures to date, these RAWR Buns are tiny but don't let their size fool you. They demand being the center of attention and will require a bit of maintenance should you choose to adopt one of these tiny critters.

Along with needing a thimble of water to drink weekly, these bunnies required plenty of felt carrots to snack on. Each Creature comes with his own carrot to start you off. But don't worry, you will find a DIY carrot sewing tutorial included in each Creature's adoption kit, so you continue making your Bun his favourite snack.

New adoption kits!
I've spent some time refreshing the RAWR adoption kits so moving forward you will see some fun changes and additions included with each Creature up for adoption. Each adoption kit is numbered, signed and includes the little Bun's birthdate.

This is the first batch of Buns up for adoption with plans for many more and other tiny creature designs already in the works. One of my Buns managed to turn into a Bat! which I'm pretty in love with and think a few of these will need to be up for adoption next.

Thanks so much for all the awesome feedback and support! <3 I'm so close to reaching 1000 likes on facebook and I can't believe it! I'm shocked and excited and it makes me want to keep sewing :)


Jenn said...

These are so adorable!!!!! I wont lie, the bat is probably my favorite!!!

Jayme Walters said...

haha thanks jenn! :) i think the bat is my fav too <3