Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Just listed a small batch of tiny sock Bats today. They're creepy cute and come with a DIY printable so you can construct them a Coffin Bat House for snoozing.

Adoption Kit

Coffin Bat House

They are pretty colourful and bright, I enjoy the traditional bat black the most I think but I did have a bit of fun with a blue and pink bat too. They're up for adoption as well!

There are currently 5 sock bats available on my Etsy, feel free to pop by to see more pictures.

Next up! I think it's time for some Spring PeePs! <3 


Kelsea Echo said...

Ahhhh those are so cute! I love coffin packaging! Have you heard of the Vamplets (they recently did a Kickstarter campaign)? Vampire baby creatures... so cute! I think you'd like them.

Your bats are just too cute in their little coffins!

Jenn McClure said...


I've been a follower of yours on and off since like 2012 (Was Ramblings of a Nutcase, Creatively Crafty Jenn, or The Quirky Craftster)! I have a Halloween owl you made as well as a keychain I ordered form Afghanistan years ago!

I love your new creations and I need to purchase some new friends!

Love your work still!
<3 Love,