Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Happy to share some of the Halloween Creatures that have been happening around here lately. This is my favourite time of the year and I absolutely can't help myself when it comes to Halloween thingies :) I've had such a blast creating some new creatures for Halloween this year, and if time allows, hopefully there will still be some more to come!

This is the smallest out of all the little Halloween guys. He's a black Cyclops with orange, purple & silver accents and proudly wears his favourite candy front & centre!

This is a brightly coloured Trick-or-Treater eeP. She is a little larger than a normal eeP and comes with her very own handmade Trick-or-Treat bag. 

A bright pink and black Trick-or-Treater Owl. She's a little larger than a normal size eeP as well and comes with her own handmade Trick-or-Treat bag to make collecting candy easier.

This is the largest Creature from this Halloween series. She sits over 12" tall and adorns a felted pirate pumpkin appliqué and bright orange candy corn bow. She comes with her own handmade treat bag as well filled with handmade creature candies, skulls and lollipops!

I love this tiny little Spider web eeP. She has a tiny little bow and is again one of the smaller little ones from the bunch. 

A medium size brightly coloured owl, with felt witches' hat and handmade trick-or-treat bag. 

All RAWR Halloween Creatures come with an official RAWR adoption certificate for you to fill out once you've named your new friend. A RAWR sticker, and fun little Halloween treats for you and your creature to share.

All of these little guys have been posted to Etsy! So pop over if you'd like to check out more photos or if you're interested in adopting a new spooky friend. 
Happy October and All Hallow's Eve <3

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