Monday, June 24, 2013


Last winter I shared a tutorial on how to make a sock teddy bear. The response has been great and it's been so much fun chatting and seeing everyone's creations! I wanted to do a follow up post to share some of the pictures that were sent to me.

Glenn's Creations

Pamela's Creation

Raych's Creation – she even took it one step further and made Mr. Teddy into a bunny!

Shannon's Creations

2012 Melbourne Medical School Conference – All these teddies were made by the Medical students and then donated to the local children's hospital! <3 

My little teddy is still around. He's found a permanent home on the bookshelf guarding the vinyls.

I'd love to see more of your teddy creations, please feel free to post links to your pictures here or email I'd love to see and share what you've made! 

I'm currently working on another sock creature tutorial and should have it posted very soon. Hope you're enjoying your Monday. J

Friday, June 21, 2013


Happy Friday!!! I was going to share a new owl creation today, but I just finished up these new guys last night and couldn't stand to wait. Meet a new product to RAWR, the Tooth Fairy Creatures!

RAWR Tooth Fairy Creatures are specially designed to carefully protect and deliver your lost teeth to the Tooth Fairy herself. 

Tooth Fairy Creatures stand approximately 8" tall and have a tiny little pocket sewn on their back to hold a lost tooth and of course, treasures left by the Tooth Fairy. 

These toothy little guys are stuffed like all RAWR Creatures – beads, stuffing and are weighted more in their bums so they can sit up on their own. Perfect for sitting up all night on a bedside table, guarding and waiting for the big exchange.

These Creatures come with the official RAWR adoption certificate for you to fill out and name your new Creature.

If you'd like to see more photos of these guys or if you're interested in adopting, please pop over and visit my Etsy Shop

So glad it's Friday! Hope everyone has a relaxing, sunshiny weekend <3

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hi! I'm so excited to share these new RAWR brooches :) These little guys are the beginning to a lot of new, fun and exciting things!

These little owls are roughly 1.75" tall and each one has a pinback so you can attach them to anything!

Each brooch is unique with lots of handsewn detail and tons of character. These Owls love to go on adventures, so they're perfect company pinned onto a sweater or your bag.

If you're interested in seeing more about these guys or adoption, please pop over to my Etsy Shop.
I still have another owly surprise planned for this week. So keep an eye out :)

Monday, June 17, 2013


Just a quick note to say helloooo! and to introduce you to this little Raspberry sock Owl. She stands roughly 5" tall and is looking for the perfect caretaker.

I had found some interesting metal buttons at a second hand shop and had been waiting for the perfect project to use them. The darker tones in the buttons really seemed to suit the deep raspberry colour. Her colours are quite stunning in person and I'm pretty happy with how she turned out :)

This mini owl has a wooden flower accent sewn on her ear and wisps of white feathers under her felt wings. If you're interesting in reading more about this little raspberry owl or how to adopt, please visit my Etsy Shop.

I'm planning a few Owly things for this week! Keep an eye out :)