Sunday, October 7, 2012

RAWR October Giveaway WINNER!


The Giveaway is closed and I'm happy to say Kelsea Echo is the winner of the Trick-or-Treat bag! Congratulations!!!

To choose a winner I use an online random draw generator. This giveaway was a lot of fun! Thanks so much to everyone who entered :)


Happy long weekend! :) I wanted to celebrate the month of October by doing a small giveaway to thank you all so much for the amazing support! I recently launched some special edition Halloween Creatures that each come with their own little handmade Trick-or-Treat bags <3 I'd love to give everyone a chance to win a itty bitty treat bag of their very own!
The giveaway bag is the Orange Bat Design and is Eep sized :)
The treat bag includes a handmade lollipop, a little bag of candy with some handmade candy corn, and a little skull. All pieces are removable so they're perfect for little photo shoots!

Mandatory Entry 
(please make sure to include your email address)

Leave a comment below of your most favourite Halloween candy ever! and include your email address :)

Additional entries 
(please leave a separate comment here, on the blog for each additional entry)

Follow RAWR on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway. Be sure to include @rawrcreatures  in your message so I can see it too. 

Like RAWR Creatures on Facebook and say a quick hello! Let me know you're stopping over from this giveaway so I know it's an additional entry :)

Giveaway is open until Friday, October 12th and is open to everyone.

RAWR! and best of luck! :)



Anonymous said...

Rockets! Thanks

Kelsea Echo said...

These are SO cute!! Thanks for running this giveaway! Hmm I don't know if I can pick a favorite candy. But right now I'm kinda craving some rolos.

Kelsea Echo said...

Following you on Twitter now and tweeted about the giveaway!

Kelsea Echo said...

Liked your facebook page and left you a little post!

Odd Sox said...

oh those litte bags are just TOO KYOOOOT for words!! We could have so much fun having a photo shoot with those!
we have just joined twitter and will attempt to come and find you there (only we don't really know how to drive it yet)!! ;)

oh and p.s. our favourite halloween sweets are white chocolate skulls with lovely gooey strawberry brains. Yum! :)

cutedesigns said...

They look excellent. :)

As for my favourite halloween treat, I'm not sure I have one to be honest. Probably something chocolately, I love chocolate. :)

Good luck with your giveaway. (Don't wanna leave my email address here coz of spam bots but just comment on my blog or something if I win).

Chepcher Jones said...

Well, I am a bit new in this candy-Halloween thing, so...
I take everything, try everything, and sometimes I am shocked and think - How people can eat this? :)

But the most fav will always be candy fingers with nuts, almonds for nails, and red pieces of something like dried strawberries. Looks spooky, but still tastes awesome. Got white chocolate inside and marzipan. It is a sin, but worth it! :)

Chepcher Jones (Kobaltowa Wrona - twitter)

Mrs Kanga said...

Hi :) one of my fave people sent me over (oddsox <3)
I now have another 'fave' YOU!! Your stuff is Fantastic!!
My fave halloween treat is those 'dead heads' cadbury eggs with red goo in them ... Ssssh don't tell my kids I pinch theirs!! ;) x
( or LOL

Mrs Kanga said...

.com lol

Erica Martyn said...

Just seen your page on fb due to the lovely Odd Sox lady and I love your little monsters!

I also am a big fan of halloween and I think jelly worms have to my favorite, my mum even gave me a cake recipe to make with them all squirming out the center!


Anonymous said...

i <3 all your monsters so lush <3 xx

SLAK said...

We love your monsters.
So cute and scary all at the same time!

Erin said...

fab stuff!! I've got to say Baby Ruth is my favorite halloween candy!


Mishelle x said...

I <3 these now too thanx to odd sox! They are amazing and soooo cute x

As for my fav Halloween candy I'm thinking homemade wiggly worms....just get some red jelly and pour into straws in a glass, let cool and set then remove from straws x mmmm yummy and yucky all in one go!!!

( Xxx >:)

Unknown said...
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Valerie Bellamy said...

Awesome as always, girl Jayme!
My little cyclops eep could use a friend!


Carmen said...

Ooh just discovered you via Odd Sox on FB. Love your monsters :D

Favourite Halloween candy... malteasers. Not very Halloweeny though unless you count them as muddy eyeballs maybe :P

Thanks for the chance to win one of these cute bags :D

whoopidoo [at] btinternet [dot] com

RAWR said...

just about to do the draw! thank you all so much for participating :) <3 i have a huge craving for candy right now! <3