Sunday, October 28, 2012


Happy Sunday :) I want to introduce to you my latest project, Creatures for your Critters <3 For years now, I've always sewn up these strange little sock fishys for all of the different kitties in my life. They've always freak out for them and end up being a favourite. I try to make these with a heavier sock, and each one is super stuffed with kitty nips. There is no other type of stuffing inside, so no vet bills ;)

I've had a few requests now for kitty toys so I thought I'd put a few up in the shop.
Zeke officially approves each one after completion.

I've done some with fins, some without. Fins take a little longer so will have to cost slightly more. I'm going to be listing a few of these in my Etsy shop this week. If you have any questions or have a custom request please feel free to send me a message :)

My friend sent me this clip of his critter Zac with his Creature. <3

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