Friday, September 14, 2012

Well this says it all:

Sharing a few favourite little things I've come across this week!
 This is so adorable! I definitely, definitely need to make one of these some day :)

 I'm so in love with this chair! I have a feeling this maybe a project for down the road. Perhaps, a reason to design some fabric and use Spoonflower?! ;)

 Some super awesome Batman design! ;)

Love this! the Evolution of the Batman Logo. Think my fav's are all 3 down the left side. This would be an amazing poster!

And this is just too cute. Super fun idea!

Enjoy the weekend! I have a lot of RAWR All Hallows' Eve things planned and I hope to list a few little creatures in the Etsy shop. xox


Kelsea Echo said...

Great finds! That black cloud waterfall is especially awesome. =)

Live.Love.Random. said...

That drain cover is so cute! I also love the homemade stamp :)