Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Latest Projects

I've recently been in the middle of moving and setting up my new RAWR working space :) Things are back up and running in my new spot, and I'm sewing up a storm to catch up on orders and get out some exciting ideas I have been dying to get to!

I wanted to post a few pics of my most recent completed orders.

Meet the lucky little Irish Creature...

Meet Miss Ballerina Bunny! with her removable tutu <3

And Meet the Back To School Creature!

I have a lot of new projects ramping up here in the next few weeks. Back on track! and busy busy.

I will try to update the blog on a more frequent basis, but if you're craving more RAWR in the meantime, join the RAWR Facebook page. It's updated fairly regularly with little sneak peeks, photos and giveaways.

Happy almost fall!