Thursday, July 5, 2012

SHOP UPDATE! – Meet a Sock Snail

I've been busy sewing away and am excited to say the shop has a few more Creatures looking for homes! In between my custom orders I've been able to find some time to create a couple of new designs. In addition to Sock Kittens and Cats, I'd like you to meet a Sock Snail!

Teehee! She was a lot of fun to create! and I'm so excited to do some more in other colours and textures. She is up for adoption on my Etsy if you're interested in becoming her Creature Caretaker <3

Also here's a peek at a couple of other new little critters currently looking for homes!

Lots of exciting surprises coming up!!! So so so many ideas :) 
Also! We're pretty close to 300 likes over on our FB page :) Keep an eye out soon for the 300 likes giveaway :) open to every RAWR fan out there!

happy thursday. 
it's rainy.

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