Friday, June 15, 2012


Happy Friday! Wanted to add a few favourites so you can enjoy them too :)

Handmade, sterling silver, initial rings :) I discovered this artist's shop, aforfebre on Etsy not that long ago and think I'm going to place an order very soon :) I think I need a T and a J <3 ;)

This fantastic messenger bag is from Ecolution. These creations are made by Sylvie Thiel, a German designer who uses wool, felt, Hemp and "One of a Kind" vintage heirloom fabrics to create wallets and bags. 

Teehee ok this is just super cute ;) so it's a fav! It's a teenie, tiny little pig who overcomes his fear of stairs to get a delicious bowl of oatmeal noms ;)

Looking forward to the weekend! I'm going to sew up a couple of things and I'll make sure to share some pics.

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LittleGreenGuy said...

Oh I love those initial rings!!!