Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hi! Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend :) Just wanted to share some pics of what I've been up to recently. Here are some of the little guys that have been recently adopted.

And last but not least meet the mEEPs. Little tiny, smaller than EEPS creatures, that have a little clip so you can take them with you on your travels :)

More pics of recent projects to come soon :) I've been sewing away, but have been a little backed up on my photography :) I'll catch up this week hopefully!!!

Off to go pack up some shipping orders...Happy Sunday :)


Melanie - Curious Little Bird - said...

I'd love to know where you got those awesome bag clips! :)

RAWR said...

i picked them up locally here in halifax at a hobby shop.

LittleGreenGuy said...

These are all so cute!!!

Live.Love.Random. said...

Cutest little creatures!!!

Elisha(: said...

hey!! I emailed you!! :)