Sunday, March 11, 2012


After 5 years or so of making these little sock creatures, I finally have my very own :) When I first starting sewing these guys, it was so hard to send them off to their new creature caretakers. It has started to get much easier now, but I've always kinda wanted one for myself.

This half finished creature was sitting on a shelf in my studio for months now. I just wasn't happy with how she was turning out and she ended up just being left and forgotten. Last night I thought I'd see what I could do, made some adjustments and decided she'd be staying with me. :) Pretty sure she'll be travelling around with me and posing for pictures on her various adventures!
I put out a post last night on my Facebook group looking for some help with naming her! I've narrowed it down to my top favourite 3 :) I thought I'd throw it out to everyone to help choose :)  Vote below for your fav!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! and yay time change! :)


Melanie said...

I like the monster you've chosen to keep for yourself. I myself made one, and I call him Burton.

I made a zine with Burton, and he and I got a jaywalking ticket together. LOL

Elisha(: said...

These are so cute!! Visiting from over at "my girl Thursday"!

Megan said...

I'm visiting from My Girl Thursday... Ruby RAWRS is just perfectly lovely! I like her crochet flower :)

RAWR said...

hahaha burton is amazing melanie! <3 i just love him :)

thank you elisha and megan :) i really appreciate you popping by to check these guys out :)