Sunday, March 4, 2012


I'm excited to say I have 2 RAWR Creatures up for adoption!
I managed to jump ahead on my custom orders yesterday so I thought I'd take today to finish up these little guys.

I have been selling my creations locally for awhile now with the intentions to start putting my Creatures on Etsy – so I'm really, really excited to finally be doing so! Baby steps right :)

If you're interested in adopting or wanting to see more pictures, please visit my Etsy shop.
Quick update on the 200 likes giveaway – we're currently at 182! So close to doing the draw :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend :)


ShyScout said...

Oh my gosh! These little guys are so cute. If I wasn't trying to save my pennies I would scoop one up in a heart beat. Thankfully my birthday is just around the corner :] I love the one with the apple on its side. And congrats on almost reaching 200!

RAWR said...

thanks Shy! and happy early birthday :) mine was just last week :)
yes! so close to 200 i can't believe it! :) i'm pretty excited to do the draw.

Sarah said...