Friday, February 3, 2012


I woke up this morning to a fun little surprise that completely made me smile :) I have received the Enchanted Blog Award from Erica over at Live.Love.Random. This is my 2nd week of blogging and I'm having so much fun meeting new people in this amazing, extremely talented community. I want to say thanks for all the nice comments and feedback I have been receiving :)

  • If you have received this blog award, kindly post the picture thumbnail into your blog with the name of the one who gave it to you.
  • Don’t pass this award back to me!
  • Pass this blog award around to as many blogs as you like! (optional)

I’d like to pass the award along to:

Margot of Newfoundlander at Heart
Margot’s blog is a pleasure to read and she is such a kind person to chat with.

Wibke of FingerFabrik
Wibke creates the most beautiful bags that I have been absolutely in love with for a couple of years now.

On another note, I wanted to share this new little eep I just finished sewing up last night :) He is going to be included in a giveaway over on a friend's blog in a couple of days. She is celebrating her blog's 1 year anniversary! I'll update with a link once she has everything up and running :)
Lastly, I finally got together some shots of the little cuckoo bird with the quilt my friend Aimee made.
Lots of creature projects planned for the weekend!
xox J


Margot said...

you are so sweet, thank you! I'm trying to decide what kind of little creature I want for the baby... that birdie sure is cute :)

Wibke said...

oh dear! thanks for the award! will share it!
have a nice weekend!