Sunday, January 29, 2012


I finally had the chance to finish up my little bird project today. He reminds me of a Cuckoo. :)
I will be offering the Cuckcoo bird as a new RAWR design soon. Speaking of which, my custom list is almost finished so I'll be able to start building inventory in the shop! I can't wait! This has been a goal I've been trying to accomplish for some time now.

Hope your having a nice Sunday :)


Erica said...

That's the cutest little birdie!!!

elycia said...

This birdie is adorable! I love it! The colours are really pretty.

RAWR said...

thanks erica & elycia! :)
I have the quilt with me today, I'm going to take a picture with the both later this evening.
elycia - i can't wait to see your weekend with the dainty squid!

thedarlingewe said...

That bird is absolutely wonderful! I love all the different colors and fabrics you used.

RAWR said...

thank you darling :)
i'm excited to try another. i was just poking around your etsy shop and your work is lovely. i'm going to take some time and read your blog a little later this evening :)

Wibke said...

Thank you so much for your nice words! You are always welcom and I realy would love to sew a bag for you. And I'm so happy to discover your artwork! I love your cute bird!!!
Lovely greetings from germany.

RAWR said...

you are so welcome wibke. i am completely purchasing a bag from you soon! or i'm going to start hinting around as my birthday is this month lol
i think they are amazing.
nice chatting with you :)